How to buy glass teapot

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The glass teapot is divided into a common glass teapot and a heat-resistant glass teapot. Ordinary glass teapot, fine and beautiful, the material is ordinary glass, heat resistance is 100 °C-120 °C. Heat-resistant glass teapot, made of borosilicate glass material, is usually blown by hand, and the yield is low, and the price is more expensive than ordinary glass.

1. High borosilicate glass: The glass pot on the market has heat resistance and heat resistance. The heat-resistant glass is generally used at a temperature of "-5 to 70 ° C", and the temperature-resistant glass can be used at a temperature of 400 to 500 degrees, and can withstand an instantaneous temperature difference of "-30 to 160 ° C".

2. The glass is not as thick as possible: thick glass is suitable for cold food and drink, and hot drinking glass is thinner than thick. Thick glass because of the mechanism, the "annealing process" in the manufacturing process (allowing the temperature of the tea set to slowly and naturally drop, completely eliminate the stress) is not as good as blowing a thin glass. The heat dissipation speed of thick glass is not as fast as that of thin glass. When the boiling water is poured in, the inside of the cup wall is heated and rapidly expanded, but the surface does not expand synchronously, so it ruptures. The thin glass is flushed into the boiling water, the heat is quickly spread, and the cup is evenly expanded and expanded, so it is not easy to burst.

3. The tightness of the lid should be appropriate: When purchasing the glass jug, check the tightness of the lid and the neck. If the lid and the neck are too loose, it is easy to fall off when used. And if it is absolutely consistent, it is also prone to jam, and it is easy to cause damage.

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