What Sets Us Apart

The world-class advanced total electrical glass melting kiln technique

We are a real heat-resistant glass manufacturers.

The country wide advanced technique in 3.3 boron silicon glass mechanized blowing production lines

Professional Attitude, Security Measurement, Quality Assurance.

Dihua products make it one of the world's excellent glassware manufacturers

Pursuing modern technology and perfecting our products

Dihua adheres to the business philosophy of "quality + service, demand + innovation"

Professional Attitude, Security Measurement, Quality Assurance.

Our Strengths

We’re a reliable partner that shapes our expertise into success for your project.

Quality Assurance

We have our own testing lab and advanced and complete inspection equipment, which can ensure the quality.


Support Customization

We have a strong R&D team to develop and produce glass pots according to the drawings or samples.


Diverse Products

We have both machine blown and man-made ,which can develop and produce kinds of pyrex glass with different shape.


Sample Mould

We will make sample molds after getting the sample molds orders from the customers, which can be completed within 10 days.


Production Capacity

Our annual production capacity can reach 30 million pieces to meet different customers with different purchase quantity.


Jiande Dihua Decoration Co., Ltd.

Jiande Dihua Decoration Co., Ltd specializes in heat-resistant glass manufacturing. The company is located on the bank of the beautiful Xinan River, which is only 30km from the worldwide famous sight of scenery---Qiandao Lake. The factory covers 6.7 hectares, with a building area of 55,925㎡, capital assets of 1.25 million USD, more than 70 units of production facilities, and over 200 staff, including 50 professional technicians. We have the world-class advanced total electrical glass melting kiln technique, and the country-wide leading technique in 3.3 boron silicon glass mechanized blowing production lines. We have applied automatic cutting and nipping techniques and accompanied supervising, measuring, and testing facilities, which would make our annual output reach 30 million pieces, enjoying an outstanding reputation both home and abroad.


Excellent products with exquisite craftsmanship


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Correct identification of tempered glass and heat-resistant glass for safe use

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The borosilicate glass teapot has the following four main features

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High temperature resistance of glass

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Principle of solute in glass products

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