Are there any specific precautions I should take while handling a glass coffee pot to prevent accidental breakage?

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Handling a glass coffee pot requires some precautions to prevent accidental breakage. Glass can be fragile, and taking a few simple steps can help ensure the longevity of your coffee pot and reduce the risk of accidents:
Handle with care: Treat your glass coffee pot gently. Avoid banging it against hard surfaces or other objects, as impact can lead to cracks or shattering.
Use a suitable surface: Always place the glass coffee pot on a stable and flat surface. Avoid setting it on the edge of countertops or near the sink where it might be more susceptible to being knocked over.
Avoid extreme temperature changes: Glass is sensitive to sudden temperature changes. Do not subject the coffee pot to drastic shifts in temperature, such as pouring hot coffee into a cold or frozen coffee pot or placing a hot coffee pot directly on a cold surface.

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Preheat or pre-cool the glass: If you're brewing hot coffee, you can preheat the glass coffee pot with hot water to reduce the risk of thermal shock. Similarly, if you want to make cold brew, you can pre-cool the pot in the refrigerator before adding the cold coffee.
Use a coffee pot with a handle: Look for a glass coffee pot that comes with a handle for easy and secure grip while pouring.
Avoid abrasive materials: When cleaning the glass coffee pot, use non-abrasive sponges or cleaning materials to avoid scratching the glass surface, which could weaken the glass over time.
Be cautious while stirring: If you need to stir the coffee inside the pot, do it gently with a suitable utensil to avoid hitting the sides too hard.
Store carefully: When not in use, store the glass coffee pot in a safe location, away from the edges of shelves or cabinets where it could be accidentally knocked over.
Keep it out of reach: If you have children or pets in the house, store the glass coffee pot out of their reach to avoid accidental breakage.
Inspect for damage: Regularly inspect the glass coffee pot for any cracks, chips, or signs of wear. If you notice any damage, discontinue use and replace it to avoid the risk of breakage during use.

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