Coffee storage container keeps moisture and air out of food

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The coffee storage canisters are made of stainless steel and glass and can hold up to 21oz of fresh beans. They're also space-saving and easy to see, thanks to a small transparent section on the bottom. These canisters are also available in matte black and matte white.

An airtight canister is an ideal solution to keep your coffee fresh for as long as possible. Stainless steel canisters create an airtight seal and can be pumped dry with the use of a vacuum pump built into the lid. To activate the vacuum pump, simply twist the lid. The air will be forced out slowly and gradually, so it's best to start slowly when the container is nearly empty.

The coffee storage containers keep food fresh and crisp by preventing moisture and air from getting to the food. They also keep ground coffee beans and tea fresh and airtight. Unlike glass jars, these containers keep air out, making them the ideal way to store your favorite coffee and tea.

These containers are made of BPA-free plastic. Simply turn the lid of the container to create a vacuum inside. The lid will then sink when enough vacuum has been created. This vacuum will keep food fresh for days. These containers have a convenient design and are also compact enough to fit in a small drawer or cabinet.

The vacuum-sealing system of the coffee storage container is very effective at preventing bacterial growth. It is made of FDA-approved material, making it safe to store fresh coffee. Many other coffee storage containers use a rubber gasket or clasp to form an airtight seal. But the coffee storage container completely eliminates air, making it the best choice for coffee freshness.

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