High borosilicate glass is preferred

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Glass pots on the market today are mainly heat-resistant and heat-resistant. The heat-resistant glass is generally used at a temperature of "-5 to 70 ° C".

High temperature glass can be used at temperatures ranging from 400 to 500 degrees and can withstand an instantaneous temperature difference of "-30 to 160 ° C". As a tea + tea making tool, a high temperature and light borosilicate glass pot is preferred.

The borosilicate glass has a low expansion coefficient and does not burst when the instantaneous temperature difference suddenly changes. The high temperature resistance and acid resistance also make it difficult for the high borosilicate to precipitate substances harmful to the human body in daily drinking water use.

The borosilicate glass tea set is much lighter in weight than the "green glass" containing a large amount of heavy metal ions. It looks different from ordinary glass in appearance, and is visually separated from the hard and brittle feeling of "raw glass".

The high-quality borosilicate glass has a uniform thickness, is very transparent under the sunlight, has a good refractive effect, and has a crisp sound.

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