How does a glass electric kettle differ from traditional kettles?

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A glass electric kettle differs from traditional kettles in several ways:
Material: The most obvious difference is that a glass electric kettle is made primarily of glass, whereas traditional kettles are usually made of metal, such as stainless steel or aluminum. The glass construction of electric kettles allows you to see the water boiling, which can be aesthetically pleasing and useful for monitoring the water level.
Heating method: Electric kettles are powered by electricity and have a heating element built into their base. When you plug in the kettle, the heating element quickly heats the water inside the glass container. On the other hand, traditional kettles are typically used on stovetops, where the heat source is a gas flame or electric coil, and the metal body of the kettle conducts and distributes the heat to boil the water.
Boiling time: Electric kettles are generally more efficient than traditional kettles. The heating element in electric kettles heats the water directly, leading to faster boiling times. This makes electric kettles a popular choice for those seeking quick and convenient access to hot water.

Glass electric kettle
Automatic shut-off and temperature control: Many electric kettles come with automatic shut-off features, which turn off the kettle once the water has reached the boiling point. This safety feature prevents the kettle from boiling dry and reduces the risk of accidents. Additionally, some electric kettles offer temperature control options, allowing you to heat the water to specific temperatures for various beverages like coffee or tea.
Cordless design: Most glass electric kettles have a cordless design. The heating base connects to the power outlet, while the kettle itself can be lifted off the base, making it easy to pour hot water without dealing with a cord.
Maintenance: Cleaning a glass electric kettle is generally easier than cleaning a traditional kettle, as the glass surface is smooth and doesn't retain stains or residue as much as metal kettles might.
Aesthetics: The transparent glass design of electric kettles offers a visually appealing and modern look that can complement different kitchen styles.
Despite these differences, both types of kettles serve the same purpose of boiling water. The choice between a glass electric kettle and a traditional kettle often depends on personal preferences, convenience, and the desired features for individual use.

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