How is the price/performance ratio of electric kettle?

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The Electric Kettle is a great value for the price. Its large capacity can easily fill up a French press or teapot. It also features an auto shutoff feature to prevent dry boiling. The base is flimsy, but the boil time is fast.

The cordless electric kettle is a good alternative to stovetop kettles. It is fast and safer to use than the microwave. This device has variable temperature settings and is compatible with most types of water. It's also easier to clean than the stovetop kettle. It also comes with a safety cord and a power switch.

The glass electric kettle is a countertop coffeemaker that is primarily made of stainless steel with a plastic base. It features a temperature range of 135-212 degrees Fahrenheit and 0.6-liter capacity. It is equipped with a precision pour spout, an LCD display, and variable heat settings. Its minimalist base looks great. It will not only keep your coffee warm, but it will make preparing pour-over coffee a pleasure.

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