How much temperature can tempered glass

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The degree of high temperature that tempered glass can withstand depends on the glass material selected. The commonly used tempered glass is made of ordinary flat glass. The ordinary flat glass is shaped and then tempered by cutting and edging. The working temperature and mechanical strength, but the working temperature of the tempered glass does not exceed 288 ° C, the resistance ratio is the thermal temperature difference is generally 150 ° C, so the tempered glass is generally used at a constant temperature of 288 ° C or quenching at 150 ° C Use within the operating conditions of sudden hot temperature changes.

In addition to ordinary tempered glass, Jintai Glass Factory also produces tempered glass products such as tempered borosilicate glass and tempered aluminum-silicon glass. The tempered borosilicate glass is made by borosilicate glass tempering. The glass has higher heat resistance and is a glass mirror for use at temperatures up to 250~500 °C. The tempered aluminum-silicon glass is a professional high-pressure glass. Its mechanical strength is unmatched by other tempered glass. It is the best pressure-resistant performance of the high-pressure glass products produced by our company, and it is also the domestic high-pressure glass market. The glass with the highest compressive strength.

With the advancement of technology, tempered glass is now very common. There are three or two tempered glass factories in each city, but the number of companies producing and processing tempered glass mirrors is relatively small, because the size of tempered glass mirrors is relatively small. However, the tempering furnace for building tempered glass cannot be tempered within 300*300mm, so if you need custom tempered glass mirrors.

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