Is the glass kettle durable and resistant to cracks?

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Glass electric kettle can vary in terms of durability and resistance to cracks depending on the specific design, quality of materials used, and how they are handled and maintained. While glass kettles can be aesthetically pleasing and allow you to see the water boiling, they are generally considered more fragile compared to kettles made of materials like stainless steel or plastic.
Some glass kettles are made with borosilicate glass, which is known for its higher resistance to thermal shock and cracking. Borosilicate glass is commonly used in laboratory glassware and certain consumer products. Kettles made from borosilicate glass may offer better durability and resistance to cracks, but they can still break if mishandled or subjected to sudden temperature changes.

It's important to handle a glass kettle with care to minimize the risk of cracks or breakage. Avoid exposing it to rapid temperature changes, such as placing a hot kettle directly on a cold surface or adding cold water to a hot kettle. Additionally, be cautious when using utensils or stirring inside the kettle to prevent accidental damage.
While glass kettles can be durable if well-made and properly handled, they are generally more prone to cracking or breaking compared to kettles made of other materials.

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