What are the advantages of borosilicate glass

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High borosilicate glass is a special glass material with low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability. Due to its excellent performance, it is widely used in solar energy, chemical industry and pharmaceutical packaging. , electric light source, craft jewelry and other industries. Its good performance has been widely recognized by all walks of life around the world, especially in the field of solar energy, and developed countries such as Germany and the United States have carried out more extensive promotion. The refractory properties and physical strength of borosilicate glass make it ideal for use in the laboratory. It is used in the manufacture of laboratory equipment such as beakers and test tubes with high durability.
Glass cookware is another common usage, and American standard plates are almost always made of borosilicate glass. A borosilicate glass measuring cup with a marking on it that can be used for measurement and is also widely used in American kitchens. High-quality borosilicate crystal glass tube processing equipment, high transparency, wear resistance, smooth surface, easy to clean, healthy and hygienic, can be used for solar collector tubes, chemical instruments, household utensils and high-grade lighting glass, which is characterized by The expansion coefficient is small, and it is not easy to burst under the temperature change of 0-200 degrees; acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

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