What are the processes of making glass teapots

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The production process of glass teapot:

1. Mold making. The mold of the glass teapot should be accurately produced before the production of the glass bottle. The results of the mold production will directly affect the success of the production of glass teapot products, and play a decisive role in the error of various indicators of the glass teapot bottle. Insufficiently designed glass teapot molds often fail to meet customer needs and also cause corresponding economic losses for manufacturers.

2. Raw material configuration. After the mold is finished, it should be produced according to the ratio of raw materials. The raw materials generally produced include: recycling old bottles, quartz sand, feldspar, soda ash, limestone and so on.

3. Melting. After being configured, the raw materials are placed in a furnace for heating. Heat to a uniform, bubble-free state. Generally, the temperature is up to 1600 degrees Celsius.

4. Forming. The molding operation is carried out in a fully heated glass liquid wood grinder. In this process, it can be generally divided into two types: manual molding and mechanical molding. Also maintain a certain temperature during operation.

5. Glass teapot teacups are annealed for shipment. Annealing is the latter process of glass teapot making. The speed of annealing will directly affect the quality of the glass teapot. The correct annealing operation should be carried out in a gradual cooling manner.

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