Glass cup production requirements

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The glass manufacturer talks about the production requirements of the glass. When the glass is produced, it needs to be carried out according to certain production standards, so as to ensure that the quality of the product is in line with the standard.

1. Whiteness: No obvious coloring is required for the clear glass. The thickness of the cup is thin: not more than 0.5~0.8mm.

2. Bubbles: A certain number of bubbles of a certain width and a certain length are allowed to exist, and bubbles that can be pierced with a steel needle are not allowed to exist.

3. Transparent enamel: refers to a glass body with uneven melting. For a glass with a capacity of less than 142L, no more than one length is less than 1.0mm; for a glass with a capacity of 142~284mL, the length is not more than 1.5mm. One, the transparency of the cup body 1/3 is not allowed to exist.

4. Miscellaneous grains: refers to opaque granular debris, the length is not more than 0.5mm, no more than one.

5. Cup roundness: refers to the cup mouth is not round, its maximum diameter and minimum diameter difference is not more than 0.7~1.0mm.

6. Stripe: distance 300mm visually obvious is not allowed.

7. Cup height deviation (cup body height and low skew): the height difference between the highest and lowest points of a cup body is not more than 1.0 ~ 1.5mm.

8. Shear printing: refers to stripe or braided shear marks, the length is not more than 20~25mm, the width is not more than 2.0mm, no more than one, more than the bottom of the cup, or whitening, more than 3mm is not allowed.

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