glass storage jars production materials

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Glass bottles are mainly made of quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, boric acid, lead compounds, antimony compounds and other raw materials.

The raw materials of the glass bottle are soda ash (sodium carbonate) limestone (calcium carbonate) and silica. After high temperature reaction, the product mainly contains sodium silicate, calcium silicate and silicon dioxide, and different substances are added according to the color requirement. .

For example, adding chromium oxide (Cr2O3)  the glass is green; adding manganese dioxide (MnO2), the glass is purple; adding cobalt oxide (Co2O3) the glass is blue, the copper in the glass, if it exists in high-priced copper oxide The glass appears blue-green; in the presence of low-cost cuprous oxide (Cu2O) the glass is red.

Nowadays, various high-grade color glasses have been made using oxides of rare earth elements as colorants. Color glass with rare earth elements, bright color, bright color, and even change color under different light. For example, in yttrium oxide glass, it has such a characteristic that it is purplish red under sunlight and blue-violet under fluorescence, which is very beautiful.

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