Glass tea set features

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Using glass tea set to make tea can not only help to better grasp the water temperature, but also help to master the soup time. In the process of making tea, you can clearly see the posture of tea and the color of tea soup. It can be said that in tea. At the same time, it is also a dynamic art appreciation, which also helps us to better control the soup time, and the glass tea set has a smooth inner wall, does not absorb the original taste of the tea soup, is easy to clean, and is also a glass tea set, which is inexpensive and good. Many people choose to use glass tea sets because of this feature.

The advantage of glass kungfu tea set is that it can brew any kind of tea, its surface is smooth, almost without any pores, so it can not absorb any tea and tea soup, give tea a closed environment, and present the best quality tea soup. . Glass Kung Fu Tea also has the advantage of transparency, which can add beauty in the process of brewing tea, including the stretch of tea and the color change of tea soup.

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