Why is the borosilicate glass not easy to burst

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According to the survey, more than 90% of people do not choose ordinary glasses, and with the advancement of technology, high borosilicate glass has been widely used. The borosilicate glass cup has good high temperature resistance and can be quenched and quenched. Through testing, a good borosilicate glass can withstand chills from -20 degrees to +120 degrees without bursting.

So why is the borosilicate glass not easy to burst?

First and foremost, borosilicate glass has the special advantage of being evenly heated. A lot of introductions about borosilicate glass are said to be high strength, high hardness, low expansion rate, etc., but they have never said that the heat is even.

In fact, the main reason why ordinary glass encounters 100 degrees of hot water at normal temperature will be the uneven heating of the glass cup. When the water is poured, it is concentrated at one point, and the temperature rises instantly, causing the glass cup to be heated unevenly. Burst. The high borosilicate is a water glass sand with a glaze made of boron traditional glass. The soda water and the ground lime need to be fired by a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees. This feature solves the problem of ordinary glass being cracked by water.

Therefore, the high borosilicate glass has low expansion rate, high strength, high hardness, high light transmission and other high quality properties. In addition, the high borosilicate glass material is not easy to absorb water, so it is particularly convenient to clean. Because of the special properties of borosilicate glass, it is widely used in the medical industry in the tea industry.

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