Glass teapot process knowledge

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When the glass is prepared, it needs a certain tempering, so that the product itself is more tough.

1. Medium temperature tempering: The tissue obtained by medium temperature tempering is tempered troostite. Its purpose is to achieve high yield strength, elastic limit and high toughness.

2. low temperature tempering: low temperature tempering resulting in tempered martensite. The purpose is to reduce the internal stress and brittleness of the quenched steel while maintaining the high hardness and high wear resistance of the hardened steel, so as to avoid cracking or premature failure when the glass is used.

3. High temperature tempering: The structure obtained by high temperature tempering is tempered sorbite. The heat treatment combining quenching and high temperature tempering is called quenching and tempering treatment, and the purpose thereof is to obtain comprehensive mechanical properties with good strength, hardness, plasticity and toughness.

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