The characteristics of glass tea set tea

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1. Fully transparent glass material, combined with meticulous manual techniques, makes the teapot always inexplicably reveal a moving brilliance. The glass tea set can directly see through the brewing process, the tea is sprayed up and down in the whole brewing process, the American capital of the leaf gradually stretching, and the bright color of the tea soup can be seen at a glance. It can be said that it is a dynamic art appreciation.

2. The glass teapot can be heated by an alcohol stove, a candle and other heating tools without exploding. It can also be taken out from the refrigerator and immediately infused with boiling water, which is beautiful, practical and convenient.

3. The glass teapot does not contain organic chemicals during the firing process, which can eliminate the harm caused by organic chemicals to the human body. Glassware is the safest and healthiest.

4. The glass teapot product has the characteristics of smooth surface and no hair pores, does not absorb the taste of the flower tea, allows the tea maker to taste 100% original taste, and is easy to clean and has no taste. Long-term use does not peel off the sheet, it has strong mechanical strength and good thermal shock resistance.

The glass teapot is suitable for direct boiling of black tea, coffee, milk and other beverages and foods. It is also suitable for brewing various green teas and flower teas with boiling water.

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