How practical is the glass electric kettle?

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Nowadays, many families use electric kettles to boil and drink water. It is convenient to use and has high safety performance, which is favored by consumers. Now electric kettles not only pay attention to practicality, but also have to be pleasing to consumers in appearance, so as to relieve consumers' visual fatigue in order to promote their sales.

In fact, the glass pot body is made of high-temperature boiling polymer material glass, which is transparent and visible, which is convenient for consumers to observe the situation in the pot. The electric heating device is directly adhered to the bottom of the glass pot body, and a protection element is also arranged to avoid the safety accident caused by the overheating of the kettle. Some also use silicone pads and sealing rings to tightly adhere to the lower end of the glass pot body. On the one hand, it is to facilitate the disassembly and replacement of the glass pot body. On the other hand, it can also achieve the effect of preventing leakage and high temperature. , but also in line with drinking hygiene standards.

The glass electric kettle utilizes the latest coupler structure, which is safe and durable. It uses a 360-degree conductive ring, which can be energized at any angle, with manual and automatic functions; it uses a double micro-action silver contact pressure switch, when the water in the kettle is too small and lower than the minimum water level or the kettle. When there is no water, the kettle will automatically power off to prevent dry heating; when you lift the kettle, it will also automatically power off, so you don't have to worry about whether the power has been cut off.

The glass body electric kettle is transparent and visible, with the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, high thermal efficiency, no radiation, safe, reliable and easy to use. Are you excited? Then hurry up and let yourself have a more high-tech electric kettle!

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