Is the electric kettle glass better or stainless steel better?

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Regarding the choice of electric kettle glass or stainless steel, the main entanglement is the health of drinking water. Below is a simple comparison of the two.

Advantages of glass material
The advantages of glass material are acid and alkali resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and good stability. It is also relatively dominant in appearance, not only the bottle body is smooth and translucent, but also looks very delicate, which is in line with the popular aesthetic concept, and it is rare to see the process of boiling water.

Advantages of stainless steel electric kettle
The most obvious advantage of stainless steel electric kettle is that it heats up quickly and works very efficiently. Generally, it takes 3-5 minutes to boil the water to boiling, and it can also control different temperatures. Another advantage is that the heat preservation is good, and the quality of the thermostat used is a key component in the temperature control of the electric kettle, which can be completely sterilized.

Compared with safety
Pure glass kettles are of course more reliable than stainless steel kettles, but high borosilicate glass kettles are also made of stainless steel at the bottom, and there is silicone at the junction with the glass. So the comparison is pretty much the same. In addition, due to the long-term heating of the turntable, it is easy for the silica gel to age and cause water leakage, and it may be accompanied by electric leakage, which brings hidden dangers to personal safety.

Stainless steel kettles are also very safe as long as the material meets the regulations. The high manganese steel reported in the news is not suitable for drinking kettles, so when buying stainless steel kettles, please buy a brand with a good reputation and go to a special store to buy it.

From the appearance
In appearance, the borosilicate glass pot looks transparent. Compared with the stainless steel pot, it will look better in appearance and looks beautiful when making tea. Of course, this also varies from person to person. ; In addition, the glass pot does not feel as much scale as stainless steel, and it is more convenient to clean.

In terms of durability
And the worst part of the glass kettle is that it is fragile, and the kettle will be broken if you are not careful. Since the stainless steel kettle is welded at the joint, the incidence of water leakage is smaller than that of the glass kettle, and the probability of damage in the event of a collision is much smaller than that of the glass, even if it is knocked out some Small grooves can also continue to be used.

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