How to choose the right glassware Update:30 Sep 2018

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        Glass products have the advantages of transparency, easy cleaning, sturdiness and good corrosion resistance. They are increasingly used as daily necessities and food containers, and have been favored by consumers. With the advancement of glass making technology and technology, the types and application scope of glass products are becoming wider and wider. At present, the glassware that consumers often encounter in home life mainly has three categories: ordinary glass, tempered glass and heat-resistant glass.

        Most consumers know ordinary glass, can not be used in high temperature heating (oven, microwave oven) environment, but many consumers do not understand the difference between tempered glass and heat-resistant glass, mistakenly use tempered glass containers for cooking purposes, and even Caused an incident of injury after the tempered glassware burst. Tempered glass is an improved product that is improved by tempering of ordinary soda lime glass to improve mechanical shock resistance, and its thermal shock resistance is limited.

        Most of the heat-resistant glass belongs to the borosilicate glass series, and also includes varieties such as glass-ceramics. Because of different chemical compositions, the structure is also different from ordinary glass or tempered glass. Borosilicate glass has a small coefficient of thermal expansion, good resistance to high temperature and temperature, rapid cooling and rapid changes. It is suitable for use as a food processing container in the kitchen and can be directly used in microwave ovens and ovens. Kitchen heat-resistant glass products mainly include heat-resistant tableware, heat-resistant crisperware and cooking utensils, which can be divided into open fire and dark fire.

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