Cleaning and maintenance of heat-resistant glass teapot

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     Heat-resistant glass teapot, select high-quality borosilicate green glass, heat-resistant, can be directly heated on direct fire, transparent, safe and non-toxic. The heat-resistant glass teapot is made of high borosilicate glass. The instantaneous temperature difference can withstand 150 degrees. It is made of transparent glass. It can directly see through the brewing process and enjoy the beauty of flowers/fruits. The heat-resistant glass teapot does not absorb the taste of the flower tea because of the characteristics of the pores of the glass, so that you can taste 100% of the original taste, and it is easy to clean and the taste does not remain.

        The heat-resistant glass teapot can be heated by an alcohol stove, a candle and other heating tools without exploding. It can also be taken out from the refrigerator and immediately infused with boiling water, which is beautiful, practical and convenient. Fully transparent glass material, combined with meticulous manual techniques, makes the teapot always inexplicably reveal a moving brilliance, which is attractive. Compared with the metal ware such as bismuth, the glass of the general ware is completely in line with the standard of the world's general flower teapot. The more commonly used aluminum, enamel and stainless steel can avoid the harm caused by metals such as aluminum and lead. It is suitable for direct boiling of beverages and foods such as black tea, coffee, milk, etc. It is also suitable for brewing various green teas and flower teas in boiling water.

        In the cleaning of the heat-resistant glass teapot, the salt and toothpaste can be used to wipe off the tea rust on the cup. First, the scrubbing tool such as gauze or paper towel is soaked, then a small amount of edible salt is applied to the wet gauze, and the tea rust in the cup is wiped with the gauze smashed with salt, and the effect is remarkable. Squeeze the toothpaste on the gauze and use a toothpaste to scrub the cup that has been stained. If the effect is not significant, you can squeeze some toothpaste to wipe it. After rinsing with a cup of salt and toothpaste, you can use it.

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