Melting of bottle glass

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According to the forming needs, the bottle glass liquid has the characteristics of low temperature viscosity, fast hardening speed and suitable for rapid molding. The melting process is similar to high temperature resistant glass, but there are certain changes in the design of the glass melting furnace.
The melting pool of the colorless bottle glass is generally 0.9~1.5m, and the depth of the clarification tank after the kiln is deeper than the pool depth by 100~300mm, which helps the clarification of the glass liquid and reduces the liquid inflow hole of the glass liquid. Temperature to the teacher to return and extend the life of the fluid hole.
When the colored glass is melted, the depth of the pool of the melting pool is 0.6~1.2m. In order to prevent the clogging of the fluid hole, the clarifier is deeper than the pool of the melting pool by 100~300mm, and the anti-blocking measures of the electric heating lamp are generally designed before and after the fluid hole.
In recent years, some new technologies have been adopted for the tank kiln and melting of bottle glass: 1 refractory material with high physical and chemical properties is used, and the whole kiln is sealed with refractory material in all directions. The wall, bottom, chest wall and expansion joint are adopted. Zirconium ramming material, large enamel with silicon seal, regenerative chamber, lightweight insulation coating for flue. The flame space of the melting pool and the working pool is completely separated, and the working pool adopts a distribution channel. 2 Reasonably set the bubbling and kiln in the melting pool to provide the quality of the glass refining. 3 Use a wide range of oil guns and high-efficiency energy-saving fuel nozzles to expand the area of ​​the squirt and concentrate the flame to enhance heat transfer. 4 using electric auxiliary heating and oxyfuel combustion technology. 5 Apply computer automatic control system during the melting process to stabilize the melting process parameters of the pool kiln.

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