Use of high temperature resistant glass

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High temperature resistant glass is a glass that can work safely and continuously in a high temperature environment (generally referred to as a hot air field, a hot fluid, an open flame, a high temperature environment generated by a high temperature molten material), and its performance is not changed by the external environment. Due to its high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, high light transmittance, stable heat resistance and stable chemical properties, high temperature glass is widely used in production and living fields. The use of high temperature resistant glass can be divided into the following aspects.
Industrial mirror
In industrial production, it is often necessary to observe the reaction of the produced material, the flow state or the stable combustion condition in the heating equipment, which requires the observation of the industrial mirror glass at a high temperature in order to grasp the production process. The high temperature glass used for observation generally includes pipe sight glass, container sight glass, flange mirror, boiler sight glass, observation window glass, peephole glass, high temperature view hole glass, etc., mainly used for electric power, metallurgy, casting, printing and dyeing. , petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, medicine and other fields.
Heat source baffle
Some processing processes in production often generate a lot of heat, and high temperature glass can be used as a baffle to protect the operator. For example, in some foundry processing plants, high temperature glass is required to block the molten material.
Liquid level indication
This is a high-temperature resistant glass that is used to indicate the liquid level. It has high temperature and high pressure resistance. It is mainly used for observation of liquid level, water level, oil level, etc. in boilers, tanks, containers, etc., generally has groove type and flat type. , two-color, triangular prism, etc.
Heating device accessories
This is a high temperature resistant glass for ovens, ovens, fireplaces, etc. The oven high temperature glass is mainly used to observe the contents of the oven. The high temperature glass of the fireplace can block the smoke dust from entering the room and transfer heat.

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