Performance characteristics of ordinary glass

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If the glass material is not pure, it will have some sand in the interior, and it is easy to see on the fine lines. This is also strictly achieved in terms of processing technology, and then will be the best choice for more customers when it is promoted in the market. Since attention is paid to the material of each ordinary glass, there is often a great improvement in performance, which improves the technical advantage, so that more young people feel that the price is very reasonable when buying a cup. of.

The thickness should be uniform. Because an ordinary glass seems to be symmetrically coordinated, it will ensure that there will be no water leakage during the drinking process. Therefore, when observing the light, you can find out whether the fine lines on the glass are consistent. It seems that the effect will be more beautiful, and it will play a more crucial role in the design. It is really in the market. After understanding the glass process and quality characteristics, it is possible to clarify such technical advantages.


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