Various glassware manufacturing methods

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Glass bottleware can be generally divided into blown glass bottle vessels, press-formed glass bottle vessels, blow-molded glass bottle vessels, centrifugally cast glass bottle vessels, and free-form glass bottle vessels, depending on the manufacturing method.

1. Blow-formed glass bottles can be divided into two methods: mechanical blowing and manual blowing. The so-called blow molding is to use a compressed air or a manual blow method to form the molten glass into a certain product shape in the mold. Manual blowing is divided into two types: blowing and static blowing.

2. press-formed glass bottles can also be divided into mechanical pressing and manual pressing two methods. The so-called press forming is to press the glass liquid into a certain product shape under the action of mechanical force.

3. pressure blow molding glass bottleware: the so-called pressure blow molding glass bottle utensils, is to use the pressing method, the glass liquid is pressed into a product prototype, and then quickly blown into a product.

4. Centrifugal casting glass bottleware: The so-called centrifugal casting glass bottleware product is to pour the glass liquid into the mold, and the mold is formed by filling the mold with high-speed rotation to uniformly distribute the glass liquid.

5. Injection-molded glass bottleware: The so-called injection molding is a product obtained by injecting glass into a mold and then cutting off the remaining portion.

6. free-form glass bottleware: the so-called free-form glass bottleware products, generally do not need a mold to form, but manually by blowing, pulling, clamping, smashing, sticking, rolling and other methods of hand-made products.

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