What are the characteristics of glass teapots?

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1, heat-resistant material: can be heated with candle alcohol;
2, high perspective: full transparent glass material, can directly see through the brewing process, appreciate the beauty of tea / flowers / fruit stretch;
3, the original taste: due to the characteristics of the glass hairless pores, will not absorb the taste of the flower tea, so that you can taste 100% of the original taste, and easy to clean, the taste does not remain.
4, elegant style: designed for brewing flower tea, crystal texture, you can see the light tea color of herbal tea, fully enjoy the fun of drinking tea.


The product mainly adopts high-quality borosilicate green glass with a expansion coefficient of 3.3. Its physical and chemical properties meet the German DIN standard and the American ASTM-E438 Class A standard, which is equivalent to PNYEX-7740 glass of Corning Company of the United States. This kind of glass is widely used in the production of advanced automatic feeding, immersion temperature measurement, furnace bottom bubbling, mechanical agitation, electric assisted dissolution, laser technology and electronically controlled tunnel kiln. The instantaneous temperature difference is -20 degrees to 150 degrees. The best chemical stability, low expansion coefficient and high temperature impact resistance are the most remarkable features of this type of glass products. It is comparable to the glass products of European and American countries, and its quality is stable. It is mainly exported to Japan, Europe and America.

The borosilicate glass tea set is a heat-resistant glass tea set that can be heated by an open flame and heated in a microwave oven.

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