Characteristics of Dihua pressure glass

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Pressure-resistant glass is a kind of glass that is applied to the mechanical properties of glass. Its pressure resistance is very superior. It is an indispensable component in high-pressure boilers, high-pressure reactors, high-pressure vessels and other places. In the past, domestic production technology could not meet the requirements of pressure-resistant glass. Therefore, many customers purchased it at a high price from abroad. Nowadays, there are completely technical production of this kind of glass in China, but the quality of products produced by various manufacturers is uneven, and the pressure-resistant glass supplied by Dihua Excellent quality, pressure resistance up to 30Mpa.
So what are the characteristics of Dihua's pressure-resistant glass? Why do customers choose our pressure-resistant glass products?
First of all, the chemical composition of Dihua high-pressure glass is extremely special. The content of Al2O3 and B2O3 in the glass is relatively high, the chemical bond is stable, and it is not easily damaged by the outside world.
Secondly, our company's pressure-resistant glass has a good surface condition, no scratches, bubbles, stones, nodules on the surface, no micro-cracks when used in pressure-resistant glass, and long service life.
Third, Jintai high-pressure glass processing and processing technology is fine, the surface is precision polished, and the glass is more sexually addicted to heat treatment, effectively improving the pressure resistance of the glass.
Fourth, high-pressure glass mirrors can be produced according to customer requirements, and can be processed into round, square, rectangular, semi-circular ends, and other shapes.
Characteristics of pressure-resistant glass:
Light transmittance: 90%
Temperature resistance: ≤1200°C, depending on the material
Withstand voltage: ≤30Mpa, depending on the material and size of the glass
Color: white transparent
Type: high pressure glass plate, pressure mirror glass, high pressure glass tube, high pressure water level gauge glass

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