What is a Pyrex glass

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When we use the glass, because the type of glass is more, many people are not very familiar with it. The materials selected for different glasses are also different. When buying a glass, we are not able to start with an eye-catching glass. So what is a borosilicate glass? The borosilicate glass is also called a hard glass. It is a glass that is heated at a high temperature. The conductive property is melted inside the glass to melt the glass. Made by advanced technology.

The use of borosilicate glass in the field of solar energy is relatively extensive, especially in advanced countries, which use this borosilicate glass. In recent years, the glass of this material has been widely used. We usually drink more glass when drinking water, so the borosilicate glass is also one of them, because this glass will be lower than the ordinary glass. Density is a glass with good permeability.

Because borosilicate glass has water and acid resistance, it is widely used in domestic heat glass at home and abroad, but generally heat resistant glass is not necessarily true borosilicate glass, so be sure to pay more attention when using it. The borosilicate glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature resistance, and a temperature difference of 200 degrees. High borosilicate glass for reflective heat-resistant lamp cups for halogen lamps and electrical equipment that must use heat-resistant glass, such as microwave turntables for microwave ovens, microwave oven shades, stage light reflector cups, drum washing machine observation windows, heat-resistant teapot cups, solar collectors Heat pipes, etc.

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