Fire resistance of heat resistant glass

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The glass fire resistance is an indicator of the fireproof function of the glass. The glass has the characteristics of non-combustibility, high melting point and fire resistance to block the flame. However, the glass is easy to burst under flame burning, causing flame penetration and fire spread, requiring the fireproof glass to have a fire field. The basic performance of maintaining completeness and blocking heat transfer.

Fire resistance includes fire resistance integrity, fire resistance and heat radiation strength. The fire resistance is expressed by the fire resistance limit, and the fire resistance limit is judged based on three indicators. The fire resistance is determined by the material of the glass, the nature, structure and size of the fireproof material. For the test method, see GB12513 "Test method for fire resistance of glass-insulated components". The so-called fire integrity refers to the ability of the glass to prevent flame penetration or prevent the flame from appearing on the back side under a standard fire test condition. The so-called fire resistance is the standard fire test condition. When the surface is exposed to fire, the temperature of the glass backfire surface does not exceed the specified value for a certain period of time; the so-called heat radiation intensity refers to the value of the thermal radiation illuminance at a certain distance and a certain time on the glass backfire surface under the standard fire test conditions. Combustion resistance determines the state of the safety glass under the action of a small flame.
According to GB15763.1 "Safety fireproof glass for building", when fireproof glass can meet the fire integrity and fire and heat insulation performance, it is named as Class A fireproof glass. When the fireproof glass can meet the fire integrity and heat radiation intensity at the same time. Named Class B fire-resistant glass, when the fire-resistant glass can only meet the fire integrity, it is named Class C fire-resistant glass.

According to the "People's Republic of China Public Safety Industry Standard GA97", according to the refractory time, the three types of fireproof glass are divided into four fireproof grades. The fireproof time is greater than or equal to 90min for Class I fireproof glass, and the fire resistance time is greater than or equal to 60min. Class fireproof glass, Class III fireproof glass with refractory time of 45min or more, Class IV fireproof glass with refractory time of 30min or more.

dihua Glass Factory specializes in the production and processing of various high temperature resistant glass products. This product belongs to Class C refractory glass. The product can be used directly in contact with open flame. The fire resistance time is more than 24 hours, which is the best choice for your high temperature viewing window.

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