China's glassware industry is in a competitive situation

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From a global perspective, developed countries represented by the United States and Europe are the world's leading gathering place for daily-use glassware, forming a famous daily-use glassware manufacturer represented by French bows and arrows, and American Libby. Products occupy the dominant position in the market. However, developed countries such as Europe and the United States are constrained by factors such as raw material resources and labor costs; the daily glassware manufacturing industry is facing structural adjustment and strategic shift, and is developing towards high quality, low yield and high technology.

        Some glassware enterprises represented by the Chinese glassware industry have comparative advantages in production tradition, raw material supply, labor cost, etc. The daily glassware industry has developed rapidly in recent years, but due to the late start of the industry, production The technology has a certain gap compared with developed countries such as Europe and the United States. The competitive advantage of its products is mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end products. At present, the market competition pattern of the domestic daily-use glassware industry has the main characteristics: First, the number of enterprises is large, and the scale enterprises are few; Second, the industry concentration is low; the third is to gradually narrow the gap with foreign industries; the fourth is to actively participate in international competition; the daily glassware manufacturing industry is characterized by capital intensive, technology-intensive and labor-intensive. With the natural optimization of the market and the continuous expansion of the scale of manufacturing of daily-use glassware in China, the production process has been continuously improved, the introduction of the overall equipment technology, the continuous improvement of professional management and control experience, and the quality and grade of its products are constantly changing. With the improvement of the ground, the daily glassware industry is gradually developing towards light, environmental, energy-saving and internationalization. The brand of Chinese glassware products must go out of the country to dominate the market.

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